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Intellectual Property, Patents and Trade Marks:

● Protection of intellectual property, copyright, patents and other forms of intellectual capital.

● Advice and representation during negotiations of licensing agreements, names, trademarks and patents as well as necessary actions for settlement of disputes related to such agreements in advance of possible recourse to the judicial authorities.

Conciliation, Reconciliation and Settlement:

● Conciliation in the event of disputes with other parties.

○ We draft amicable reconciliation and settlement agreements which head off the risk of litigation. This often involves participating in negotiations on behalf of clients in order to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome between parties and so avoid the cost, time and worry often arising from litigious actions in the courts.

Services Pertaining to marital breakdown, Succession planning and Inheritance:

● Marital breakdown - alimony, mutual rights and obligations, guardianship and wardship of children, dividing and distributing of assets etc.

● Succession planning, inheritances, registration of Wagf (endowments) and so forth.

Criminal Law:

All stages of the criminal trial from the preliminary hearings through to the actual trial. This typically includes testing witnesses, making submissions, preparing appeal etc. The criminal cases we deal with usually include one or a mix of the following: -

● Crime against property

● Smuggling

● Money laundry

● Product imitation, counterfeit and other intellectual capital abuses

● Financial assets forfeiture

● Counterfeit of bank notes and instruments.

● Monopoly abuses and manipulation of exports and imports.

Real Estate Development Contracts; Preparation of Bids for Government Work:

● All aspects of real estate investment and development.

● We have expertise on the recent government procurement and bidding law and provide all legal services that relate to this. This is an essential and hugely important piece of legislation in the area of public works contracts. We work on lease contracts, mortgages and other property related instruments including foreign ownership of real estate in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries.

● Negotiation with international and domestic supplier companies on supply contracts, subcontracting and joint venture agreements on public works projects. We work on management agreements, documenting grievances, completing compensation claims etc.

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